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For executives

For customer services

Build your own


Conversation courses


Learn through interaction:

■ Grammatical aspects and verb tenses taught through context, and drilled through repetition.

■ Commonly used vocabulary and expressions taught and mastered through word-study games and activities.

■ Role-play simulations. (tailored to your company's work-related topics)


Apply Business English principles to all levels of proficiency:

■ Develop your ease and fluency in business communications.

■ Increase your confidence in face-to-face meetings.

■ Interact in social settings.

■ Explain your ideas more effectively.

■ Respond to clients' requests by telephone, e-mail.

■ Refine your second language; learn to agree, disagree, apologize, express reservation in a tactful manner.


Our approach is designed to keep learners motivated by allowing them to communicate in the target language immediately!


Learning aids such as CD-Rom, videocassettes, audiocassettes and other multimedia tools complement our courses and provide learning in real-life settings.


All courses are adapted to the different levels and are certified by Emploi-Québec.


Each course is subdivided for optimal learning.



Nos ateliers courts, de type immersion, ont fait la preuve de leur capacité à accélérer l'acquisition du langage technique spécialisé d'une langue seconde. Les fondements pratiques acquis dotent les candidats des habiletés et de la pratique nécessaires pour apporter à leur entreprise de la valeur ajoutée.


Nos ateliers d'acquisition d'habilités:

■ Langue de la vente et de la négociation

■ Stratégies et techniques du service à la clientèle

■ Présentations, tableaux et graphiques

■ Rédaction administrative

■ Anglais, français et espagnol des affaires

■ Fonctions du vocabulaire des réunions

■ Révision de la grammaire et des fonctions des temps de verbes

■ Ateliers adaptés aux besoins spécifiques de  l'industrie.


 Contenus des cours fourni sur demande.

Language training for executives and

other professionals


Communicate Powerfully

Enhance your skills in your second language by taking a course that covers key concepts and structures in a business context.


Our corporate clients attest to Shakespeare learning methods and their benefits:

■ Flexibility in schedule pace allows for optimal learning.

■ A customized course plan that focuses on your industry's terminology.

■ Modern curriculums which enable learners to master commonly used expressions.

■ Integrated learning through CD- Rom, video and audiocassettes which simulate dialogues in various business settings.

■ Courses, instructors and schedules adapted to your flexible style and preferred way of learning.

■ Target exercises (verbal and written) which focus on error correction, appropriate tone and style.


A comprehensive approach that allows you to:

■ Refine your current level of proficiency

■ State your ideas clearly and concisely

■ Elaborate on opinions, detailed requests

■ Agree or disagree with peers in a professional manner

■ Speak with words that enhance conviction

■ Interact in social gatherings.


Shakespeare Learning Methods will help you:

■ Increase your autonomy and productivity

■ Ensure that your training dollars are spent wisely

■ Access new prospective markets

Courses for customer service specialists


At Shakespeare, we understand the challenges involved in conveying your ideas effectively and professionally. Our program allows you to learn in real-life scenarios; role-play simulations and dialogues which enact common issues in customer service contexts.


Develop and refine your skills, and in full linguistic competency:

■ Explain services, features and options

■ Accept, reject and suggest in polite manner

■ Agree, or disagree tactfully

■ Apologize, and reassure your listeners

■ Respond to complaints

■ Give and receive feedback

■ Master characteristics used in customer service correspondence


All programs are customized in order to incorporate internal company policies and terminology.


Courses are adapted to the individuals' initial level of proficiency in the target language.


Build you own course


Throughout our years of experience in serving business clientèle, we've seen the increasing demand for variety courses. A diverse course would allow individuals to choose parts from all our courses as well as the time to be spent on each aspect.


Choose and benefit from:

■ Conversational activities that build reflex and fluency in the target language and thus render speech more natural.

■ Increase your vocabulary and learn commonly used expressions, perfect your communication strategies

■ Master the various verb tenses and convey your ideas and narrations more coherently

■ Build your aural comprehension by working with text, articles and other multimedia tools

■ Strengthen your written formulas and be more effective in your correspondence

■ Drill and master your newly acquired skills through debates and discussions on current events

■ Build a course that allows you to maximize your unique learning style!


Specialized training

Master your target language through learning modules that are compatible with your company philosophy and the markets in which you operate.


■ Are certain communication styles a norm in your industry?

■ Do you conduct business within industries that require particular terminology and language characteristics?

■ Do you operate in pharmaceutical, telecommunications, insurance, financial, legal areas?


We have innovated and designed programs which include language characteristics used in lab reports, claim documents, contracts, documents of protocol and procedure.


Shakespeare has the expertise to address and develop business language competencies in your sector.


Business English / French


Build your corporate image, develop your passive and active skills in business communications.


Intermediate to advanced levels

Business language courses focus on the learners' commercial activity and work background. Often, this course is combined with general language instruction to reach the required level of fluency.


Ecole Shakespeare will help you gain considerable linguistic progress in these areas:

■ Interviewing techniques

■ Telephone inquiries

■ Negotiations

■ Presentation of charts, graphs, and diagrams

■ Dealing with multiple speakers

■ Written business correspondence

■ Tone and formality


Shakespeare business language methods provide solutions to:

■ Communicative fluency

■ Awareness of structural and functional language

■ Confidence in meetings and gatherings


In an interactive environment, participants learn through:

■ Simulated business situations and role-plays

■ Targeted business vocabulary exercises which aid in consistent vocabulary building

■ Authentic material: Audio-lingual recording, CD-ROMs, and business publications

■ A flexible approach, led by learners' goals, pace and learning style.


Contact us at Ecole Shakespeare to discuss your successful language training solutions.



Founded in 1994, Ecole Shakespeare began providing the corporate community with customized second-language instruction. Our innovative methods have enabled hundreds of clients to enhance their business communications and to access new markets.


Our mission is to provide tangible learning solutions to clients of different educational backgrounds, learning styles and time constraints.


Our reputation is largely attributed to our flexibility in adapting methods to best suit the evolving needs of each industry. We make optimal use of your training dollars by incorporating specialized terminology into verbal and written simulations targeted throughout the course.


Through our diligent and consultative approach, our clients achieve efficiency in second-language communications as well as increased cultural well-being.

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