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Assessment of Bilingualism

Evaluation of Second Language Needs

Assessment of Bilingualism


Ecole Shakespeare provides consultancy on a range of linguistic proficiency and training issues. Successful training begins with a comprehensive study of needs and evaluation of competencies. We employ practical assessment tools and collaborate with you to develop integrated language training plans.


Organizational Assessment

■ Establishment of language levels required for effective operation within departments

■ Customized recruiting tests

■ Analysis of bilingualism required for specific positions within your organization


Employee Needs Assessment

■ Measurement of current language proficiency level

■ Analysis of various language competencies: Comprehension, communication strategies, writing skills, elements in business functions


Assessment Tools

■ Interactive evaluation methods

■ Practical language tests in work contexts

■ Evaluations to determine suitable instructional approach


Shakespeare language testing service provides proficiency tests particularly to companies and government departments.


■ Assess the language competencies of your employees and understand the language profile of your staff.

■ Assess language abilities of prospective employees before making important hiring decisions

Evaluation of Second Language Needs


Language needs and objectives vary between industries and departments. For instance, customer service agents must remain poised and welcoming in their second language while

in other positions, learners may require skill-based sessions to master second-language aspects in:


■ explaining problems

■ discussing protocol

■ charting information

■ explaining procedures


Ecole Shakespeare has gained a reputation of excellence for personalized language training. We use an individually designed approach adapted to company-specific requirements.


We proceed as follows:

■ Assess your company's current and future needs

■ Evaluate company's current exposure to target language as well as access to linguistic resources

■ Establish how to leverage linguistic talent within your organization by choosing most suitable method- different methods work for different people

■ Produce customized report of evaluation and submit proposal

■ Determine schedule of courses to suit client convenience and availability


We invite you to take the Shakespeare challenge:

To Be or not To Be Bilingual!


Ecole Shakespeare is accredited by Emploi-Québec as a corporate second-language services provider and takes pride in serving in the linguistic development of the business community.



Founded in 1994, Ecole Shakespeare began providing the corporate community with customized second-language instruction. Our innovative methods have enabled hundreds of clients to enhance their business communications and to access new markets.


Our mission is to provide tangible learning solutions to clients of different educational backgrounds, learning styles and time constraints.


Our reputation is largely attributed to our flexibility in adapting methods to best suit the evolving needs of each industry. We make optimal use of your training dollars by incorporating specialized terminology into verbal and written simulations targeted throughout the course.


Through our diligent and consultative approach, our clients achieve efficiency in second-language communications as well as increased cultural well-being.

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