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Ecole Shakespeare is reputable for its commitment to flexibility and innovation. Our teaching methodologies are synthetic approaches in pedagogy which stimulate and facilitate adult language learning.


Communicative courses focus on animated learning, repetition and ultimately self-correction. Candidates remain engaged and confident throughout the course while building tangible, real-life language skills.


Word-study games as well as activities to enhance sentence structure and pronunciation are favorites among the multiple learning tools we employ.


Participants who wish to refine their written communications can benefit from modern cost-effective approaches for varying purposes.


■ Our courses emphasize the acquisition of necessary grammar structures as well as refined terminology and expressions.

■ Individuals learn to edit their own writing and practice company-specific writing using on-the-job documents.

■ Interactive CD-ROMs are assigned to strengthen new grammar concepts.


Self-directed learning strategies and self-evaluations are integral in maximizing motivation and measure of progress. At regular intervals, participants are asked to reflect on their assimilation and application of new concepts and how it impacts their productivity.


Shakespeare will teach you how to become strategic in your own language learning endeavors and partner with you in reaching your training objectives



Founded in 1994, Ecole Shakespeare began providing the corporate community with customized second-language instruction. Our innovative methods have enabled hundreds of clients to enhance their business communications and to access new markets.


Our mission is to provide tangible learning solutions to clients of different educational backgrounds, learning styles and time constraints.


Our reputation is largely attributed to our flexibility in adapting methods to best suit the evolving needs of each industry. We make optimal use of your training dollars by incorporating specialized terminology into verbal and written simulations targeted throughout the course.


Through our diligent and consultative approach, our clients achieve efficiency in second-language communications as well as increased cultural well-being.

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